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mob: 07774 205 434
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Worcestershire Game Farm was established in 1985 and produces 250,000 day old chicks, 90,000 seven week old pheasant poults and 30,000 twelve week old partridge poults annually.  We offer a choice of breeds to suit our customers requirements.

The majority of our hen pheasants are over wintered and then moved to lay on fresh ground each year.  We have two hatcheries, one for our stock and the other for purchased partridge and pheasant eggs.

Pheasant chicks are mostly reared under electric hen brooders, which though labour intensive, produce very well feathered and hardy poults.  All poults have three weeks off heat in grass runs prior to release.

We produce Chinese (not to be confused with blue backs) crossed with Scandinavian pheasants.  These produce more eggs than the pure Scandinavian and fly and hold well.

We rear to the DEFRA's Code of Practice for the Welfare of Gamebirds Reared for Sporting Purposes.

Lower Wolverton, Nr. Pershore, Worcestershire. WR10 2AU
tel: 01905 840 220 mob: 07774 205 434

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